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ボルト - Bolt


The bolts I sell do not have any marking on the head, which was common in the seventies. Usually M8 and above should be "fine pitch" with "small head".


Two types of treatments are proposed:

- Trivalent plating treatment is a modern plating that looks similar to zinc without the chemical hazard and better consistency and corrosion resistance. This is the standard for Japanese manufacture and I recommand it for a perfect looking and lasting restoration.

- Chromate plating for resistance to corrosion. Electrogalvanizing is applied to the base, and then a chromate treatment using hexavalent chromium, which is a chemical conversion treatment, is applied. The chromate film changes its color from blue to yellow to red to red-green to green-brown to brownish brown as the chromate film immersion time of the zinc plating solution increases and the thickness of the chromate film increases. Hexavalent chromium is subject to RoHS regulations but still widely used. These are the few yellow bolts on our bikes.


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Bolt Fine Pitch Full Thread

  •   M8 M10 M12
    12 o    
    14 o    
    15 o o  
    16 o o o
    18   o  
    20 o o o
    25 o o o
    30 o o o
    35 o o o
    40   o o
    45   o o
    50 o o o
    55   o o
    60   o  
    65   o  
    70   o  
    75   o  
    100   o  


  •   M8 M10 M12
    12   o  
    14   o  
    15   o  
    16   o o
    18   o  
    20   o o
    25   o o
    30   o o
    35   o o
    40   o o
    45   o o
    50   o o
    55   o  
    60   o o
    65   o o
    70   o o
    75   o  
    80   o o
    90   o  
    100   o  


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