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フランジボルト - Flange Bolt


Four types of treatments are proposed:

- Zinc white with trivalent plating treatment

- Zinc black with trivalent plating treatment (for the Yamaha)

- Chromate plating, the yellowish effect

- Stainless (stainless steel, no treatment)


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Bolt Flange Head

  •   M4 M5 M6 M8 M10
    8 o o o o  
    10 o o o o o
    12 o o o o  
    15 o   o o  
    16 o o o o o
    20   o o o o
    25 o o o o o
    30     o o o
    35     o o o
    40     o o o
    45     o o o
    50     o o o
    60     o o  
    70     o o o


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