The usual pan head screw with a spring washer mounted above the thread in four variations. Original was JIS pan head in steel with zinc platting, of course we have it: In addition we have the same screws but chrome platted for a nice shiny look or in stainless steel to avoid rust. We offer also an original solution combining original look and safe perfect tightening, Stainless steel Torx.


JIS Screw-washer for Carburetor, Torx screw-washer

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JIS Screw-washer for Carburetor

Material and type
  • Zinc M4 x 16 is a direct replacement to Kawasaki 16033-009, 223AA0416, 223B0416 Screw Float Chamber Z1 H1 H2 S2 S3 A1 A7 F3 1966-78

    Direct replacement for Honda 93892 series of screws. The reference reading is 93892 + size + length for example 9389204016xx is M4 x 16mm