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Japanese pan head screws and washers for the Yamaha GT50 and GT80 from 1972 to 1980. These are replacement Japanese screws and JIS size washers. The standard steel kits have white zinc (Trivalent plating) parts. If you prefer stainless (make sure to lubricate the thread to avoid galling).Use the right screwdrivers for JIS screws; #2 for M4, M5 and #3 for M6.


All the other pan head screws, washers, nuts and bolts for the mini GTs are available in the store by the unit.


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Yamaha GTs Mini Trail Screw Kits

  • Yamaha Reference   Part Name Quantity
    9858006550 Screw Pan Head 06x50 8
    9858006055 Screw Pan Head 06x55 1
    9851106025 Screw Pan Head 06x25 4
    9851606020 Screw Pan Head 06x20 3
    9850606045 Screw Pan Head 06x45 1
    9851606030 Screw Pan Head 06x30 10


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