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Understanding Honda Fastener Codes

In this short article I will try to summarize the code used by Honda for standard fasteners.

Honda separates its parts in two categories. The "General" parts for components specific to a motorcycle and the "Standard" parts for usual supplies.

The general parts have a code made by three strings of digits (xxxxx-xxx-xxx). You can find a complete description in this PDF document. Here we are interested to understand the code for standard parts.

Standard parts codes begin with a 9 and are made of two strings of digits for the part description and its dimension. An optional third section with two digits indicates the ISO standard and surface platting.

For example 93200-08032-0A is an hexagonal bolt M8 and 32mm length

A or 0 Zinc platting

B or 2 Chrome platting

G or 7 Black zinc platting

H or 8 Chromate yellow platting

J Brown bronze like platting

Honda Hexagon Bolts codes

It is interesting to note that Honda used bolts 920 on the CB 750 first modek K0 but switch almost everywhere to 957 from the K1 and later.

Honda evolution of bolts
Evolution of Honda's bolts. From left: CB500 Four, CB750 K0, CR250 1979, CR250 1981

Honda Screws Codes

Honda Hexagon Nuts Codes

Honda Washers Codes

If you can help me complete the page for other brands and models that's very appreciated, so don't hesitate to contact me.


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